E-Declaração, is a system made available by the Mozambique Tax Authority for the submission of tax declarations, via the internet, remotely (without having to go to DAF), for the establishment of the tax, a process through which a obtains a Reference (GARE) for the payment of the tax using banking channels such as Boca do Caixa, ATM, Internet Banking, POS, Mobile Banking etc.


  • Reduces cash handling;
  • Reduces tax payment fraud;
  • Improves tax accounting;
  • Reduces administrative costs;
  • Makes revenue collection more flexible;
  • Simplifies tax declaration and payment procedures.

Types of e-declaration taxes you can pay at First Capital Bank

  • IRPC model 39;
  • IRPS, model 19;
  • Modelo B (Other taxes).

How to pay taxes e-declaration at First Capital Bank

All references issued in the e-Declaration system can be paid at First Capital Bank. When paying, the taxpayer must present the printed payment reference number.  The taxpayer is free to choose any of the banking channels offered by the bank.  After payment it is important to request a tax receipt containing the details confirming payment.

How to proceed with the Payment via Bank?

Below are the main steps to join the process of Payment via Bank:

Step 1: Access the system from https://edeclaracao.at.gov.mz/.

Step 2: By clicking on the adhere item (Download and Print the Adhesion Form), the system automatically downloads an adhesion form.

Step 3: After printing the enrolment form, the taxpayer must submit the form in the tax area where he/she belongs. After submitting the form to the DAF, you will be sent access credentials to the system, by email or other means in force.

Step 4: Once you receive the credentials you just have to login and proceed with the submission of your declarations where the reference (Gare) will be generated.

Step 5: Go to one of our branches and proceed with the payment of the Gare reference.