Held on November 30 in Maputo at Sun Coast, a first edition of the equestrian sport POLO, with the denomination BEACH POLO MOÇAMBIQUE. First Capital Bank S.A., was one of the biggest sponsors of this event, which it hopes will be the start of the development of a classic sport in the country.

Beach Polo is a horse-playing sport, with no four players per team facing a small ball with a long club, aiming to score against an opposing team.

Considered the “game of principles”, the Polo is a very old game whose origin dates from 600 years before Christ in Tibet, in a costume that occurs a few times a year when it was “muskrat hunt”.

Argentina was one of the countries that received the polo of the English and had much repercussion and dissemination of the sport. Argentines are using the greatest power and the best players in the world.

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