Current Account

An Effective transactional account to suit your company’s daily needs.

Our current account is designed to add convenience to your daily banking requirements. In addition to the Metical, our current account can be maintained in a host of foreign currencies such as United States Dollar, Euro, Great Britain Pound and South African Rand.

Features and benefits

✅ Debit card
✅ Cheque book
✅ Open in individual or joint names
✅ Access to Internet Banking
✅ Transaction alerts (both SMS and E-mail)
✅ Access to our lending facilities
✅ To open a current account fill out the enquiry form or visit your nearest branch.
✅ To view our fees and charges go to the tariff guide.

To find out which documents are required to open an account, access the account opening conditions.

Company Documents

  1. Forms completed and signed by all the subscribers appointed by resolution of the Board of Directors/ Management Board. (Attached)
  2. Letter requiring the opening of the account, specifying the currency, naming the signatories and the conditions of operation (in the same letter insert the address of the signatories)
  3. Commercial certificate, dating back less than 3 months
  4. Statutes published in the Bulletin of the Republic
  5. Business licence (Alvará)
  6. Entity NUIT
  7. Resolution of the Management Board with the decision regarding the opening of the account(s), appointment of signatories, terms and conditions of operation, or a power of procuration authenticated by a notary (if applicable)

 Shareholders and final beneficiaries

  1. Identification documents, NUIT and proof of residence of the partners / shareholders and final beneficiaries with 10% or more of the share capital.
  2. Constitutional and registration documents of the shareholders (companies) and final beneficiaries with 10% or more of the share capital.

Important notes

All documents must be in their original format.

  1. The local regulation requires all documents in Portuguese
  2. If the documentation is produced in foreign countries, it must be previously
  • Certified by a notary public in the country of origin
  • Certified by the ministry of foreign affairs (or equivalent authority)
  • Certified by the Consulate of Mozambique under the jurisdiction of the country of origin

The list of required documents mentioned above is only an indication.

Fill in your details below and a First Capital Bank representative will contact you with further details.