First Capital Bank 1st Quarter 2022 Sales Campaign

First Capital Bank launched the Credit for civil servants in mid-2020. These are short, medium, and/or long-term loans whose maturity can vary from 6 to 84 months for repayment.

The main objective of this service is to contribute to the socio-economic development of State Employees.

First Capital Bank, S.A., launched in January 2022, a national sales campaign called FIRST ACREDIT with the objective of massifying the sales of credit to civil servants. All the consultants registered with the Bank were invited to the race for the prizes announced.

After the campaign period, the winner of the 1st prize was announced, Mr. José dos Santos Amade, a consultant based in Lichinga, Niassa province, who was awarded a Toyota Ractis car. The 2nd position was won by Mr. Isac Amaral and Julieta Mutemba from Nampula and Tete to whom one motorbike per person was delivered.

In 3rd place were Mr. João Mutumane and Helena Django from Beira and Manica cities with the prize of a television per winner. In 4th place were Mr. Ernesto Lanquene (Beira), Edson Manhonha (Nampula), Abdul Suale (Tete), Filipe Zacarias (Beira) and Nhacha Muzica (Manica) who won a smartphone per winner.

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